Georisk Engineering is privately owned engeering firm based in Florence (Italy), and operating internationally in commercial and research projects.

The ongoing worldwide trend which sees the development of evolutionary technical regulations relying on reliability-based concepts, as well as the more and more frequent adoption of risk-based approaches in engineering design and in territorial planning, attest for the increasing awareness of the importance and relevance of uncertainties in the modeling of human communities and of the natural environment.

Each geosystem is unique in terms of both its physical features and the data which are available to obtain quantitative estimates of reliability, risk and resilience. A best-practice quantitative analysis must thus rely on suitable and tailored which may optimize costs with respect to performance. 

Engineering education, scientific research and computational power must be at the service of human communities, pursuing their safety, resilience, ethical development and sustainability through sinergies with decision makers and stakeholders. 

Georisk Engineering S.r.l. pursues the goal of providing high-level and innovative technical services. Such goal cannot prescind from a continuous professional and resarch-oriented knowledge development. Georisk Engineering S.r.l. is active in the research community, and is represented in Technical Committees TC 205 “Safety and serviceability in geotechnical engineering”, TC 302 “Forensic geotechnical engineering” and TC 304 “Engineering Practice of Risk Assessment and Management” of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering.