Geologia tecnica


The strong worldwide transition towards evolutionary design codes based on reliability concepts attests to the growing awareness of the role and relevance of the considerable uncertainties which are present in the engineering modeling of soil-structure systems. Georisk Engineering is a leading actor in the development and application of statistical, probabilistic, reliability-based and performance-based geoengineering methods and approaches aimed at cost-performance optimization.

Every soil-structure system is unique, both in its physical configuration and in the data and knowledge which are available to model it for engineering purposes. Among engineering disciplines, geoengineering stands out for the high degree of uncertainty which stems from the natural variability of geomaterials, the limited data which are available to characterize it and the inherent imperfection and approximation in the models used in characterization and design. A rigorous treatment of uncertainties allows an enhanced and more realistic qualitative and quantitative comprehension of the behavior of a soil-structure system, both at ultimate and serviceability limit states, as well as a more objective quantitative assessment of the performance level of a system with respect to these limit states. Reliability-based and performance-based approaches are thus significantly beneficial with respect to cost-performance optimization.

Georisk Engineering provides geoengineering services in:

  • Geotechnical analysis and design
  • Earthquake geotechnical engineering
  • Engineering geology

Geotechnical characterization and design can be conducted using statistical and probabilistic methods, for direct implementation in advanced site characterization, reliability-based and performance-based design approaches. Georisk Engineering's specialist expertise includes the application of soft-computing and artificial intelligence techniques, which provide effective solutions to the modeling of complex geotechnical systems.


Geotechnical analysis and design

Georisk Engineering provides geotechnical engineering analysis and design services for onshore and offshore soil-structure systems in: 

  • Analysis, design and construction supervision of onshore geotechnical structures: shallow and deep foundations, special foundation systems, earth retaining structures, cantilevers, sheet piles, anchored systems, reinforced earth structures, stabilized earth structures, levees, embankments, tunnels, earth dams, gravity-based structures, suction anchors, caissons, mudmats and mooring systems for offshore structures.
  • Design of geotechnical nature-based solutions
  • Design of soil improvement and remediation
  • Stability analysis of natural and engineered slopes
  • Planning, supervision and interpretation of static and dynamic in-situ and laboratory geotechnical investigations
  • Forensic geotechnics
  • Geostatistical analysis

 Geotechnical design is performed in accordance with client-specified Regulations and Codes. Where required and possible, Georisk Engineering is able to develop innovative, case-specific design methods.


Geotechnical earthquake engineering

Georisk Engineering offers specialist consultancy in earthquake geotechnical engineering, including:

  • Seismic hazard analysis
  • Seismic zonation and microzonation
  • Site response analysis
  • Liquefaction susceptibility analysis and estimation of liquefaction-induced kinematisms
  • Planning, supervision and interpretation of seismic geotechnical testing campaigns
  • Dynamic soil-structure interaction analysis
  • Seismic vulnerability and risk estimation


Engineering geology

Due to the progressive development of urban areas and infrastructures, an increasing number of communities are located in areas which are endangered by mass movements. This warrants the analysis the interaction between land and man-made structures and infrastructures through innovative technologies.

Georisk Engineering provides consultancies in engineering geology, addressing the relationship between the built and the natural environments, with the aim of identifying, analyzing and mitigating hydrogeological risks. Our technical services include:

  • Preliminary geological studies and reports for civil and geoenvironmental engineering projects
  • Planning of geological, geomechanical and hydrogeological testing campaigns
  • Design of monitoring systems for landslides, natural and man-made slopes and earth structures
  • Analysis of geological monitoring data
  • Geological-technical characterization of rock masses, soft soils and complex systems
  • Slope hydrology and hydrogeology
  • Geomechanical characterization and kinematic analysis of rock masses
  • Design of artificial rock and earth slopes
  • Probabilistic rock fall simulation