Analisi di georischi

Risk engineering

Georisk Engineering S.r.l. provides specialist consultancy services in risk management for natural and man-made threats to human communities and to the natural environment. The quantitative technical approach provides an important decision-making support tool to decision-makers and stakeholders in estimating the magnitude of risks, assessing their acceptability and tolerability, identifying possible mitigation strategies and associated costs, assessing their effectiveness and concenience in the reduction of risk, and planning risk management actions for cost-benefit optimization.

  • Hazard analysis
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Design and evaluation of risk mitigation scenarios
  • Support to risk management
  • Design of Early Warning Systems

Risk management is pursued according to the modular scheme below, in confirmity with ISO 31000:2009 "Risk management - principles and guidelines".


ISO Risk management framework ENG.jpg (106 KB)


The estimation of hazard, vulnerability, exposure and risk can be pursued through existing or purposely devised quantitative models.

Georisk Engineering S.r.l. provides specialist consultancies in the probabilistic estimation, evaluation and management of risk.

Risk management studies can be pursued in a multi-risk perspective, in which the simultaneous occurrence of different threats and their causal relationships, including cascading effects, can be addressed quantitatively.

Risk modeling can be coupled with the development of GIS systems, allowing the compilation and consultation of thematic maps and the seamless zonation of hazard, vulnerability and risk, as well as the territorial-scale evaluation of mitigation scenarios.